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Was Blind but Now I See

As the Great Hymn Amazing Grace says so eloquently, there is a gaining of sight that occurs as we spend time with Jesus. Paul can attest to it, both physically and spiritually, as can “Blind” Bartimaeus… All the first disciples and multitudes since can attest to the same reality!

Thursday night with Brother David Hogan was an eye-opening night for me. David walks in great Kingdom authority, robustly and unapologetically—yet an authority based in humility, (the only real kind) not in arrogance.

Hogan is so confrontational with religiosity that you may have missed it. Hogan sure doesn’t mind stepping on toes! But he is a deeply humble man!!

Brother Hogan shared about the abuse and pain he felt as a child in the church his father pastored—and his parents’ inability to recognize that the abuse was real and the people victimizing kids were really in leadership in the church.

David shared that his response to all this hurt was to run the other way and to disavow God. But God never disavowed David!

Hearing the audible voice of the Lord speaking to him while he was still running—much as Saul/Paul did on the road to Damascus—changed David Hogan’s life. But it was the way he jumped into the Kingdom all those years ago—and the way he continues to jump into the Presence of God and the ministry he and his wife have been called to that really grabbed my heart.

David made a statement something like this: Jesus loves to hang out with those who love to hang out with Him. The more time spent, the more authority. The more time spent, the greater the sight and insight. The more time spent, the greater the sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

David Hogan spends hours a day in the presence of the Lord, and it shows. Thirty-seven documented resurrections from the dead. Thousands of miraculous healings. Over a thousand churches planted in one of the poorest and most challenging mission fields in the world. The Gospel preached and displayed as the lame walk, the blind, see, the leapers are healed and the broken hearted are welcomed…

Thursday night was powerful on many levels. We welcomed the largest crowd we have ever had at the Joe L. Evins Center. Many of us experienced powerful prayer in the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Fire Tunnel. Many were touched by the Lord simply by coming.

For me, however, it was the simple reality that if I want to walk in the maximum amount of authority God has for me, I must maximize the time I spend with Him. I need to “Pray the Price.” So do you. There is no substitute for time spent with the Lord.

He loves to hang out with those who hang out with Him!

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