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Do we have the SIGHT to take back what has been stolen?

In the last couple weeks we have read the book of Esther. I have probably read the book of Esther at least 30 times. When I finished reading the book the other day I saw a bigger picture than I have ever seen before.

Queen Vashti is a picture of our culture…we are hung up on ourselves. We believe that our look and our position/wealth will carry us. We are so busy doing our own thing so when our KING calls us, we are too busy doing our own thing or we are simply uninterested what HE has to say. (One positive thing is our KING doesn’t dismiss us.)

Our KING is looking for a pure virgin, one who has been purified with HIS oils – the healing balm of Gilead (Jeremiah 8: 22 and 46:11). HE will grant favor to us, just like the King gave favor to Esther. HE gave us robes of righteousness (“I am overwhelmed with joy in the Lord my God! For HE has dressed me with the clothing of salvation and draped me in a robe of righteousness. I am like a bridegroom dressed for his wedding or a bride with her jewels.” Isaiah 61:10).

But there is an enemy out there that is constantly looking for a way to kill the Bride of Christ. He is cunning much like Haman. He has been given authority over the earth for a season. He is thinking of ways to take our authority and lives away. But we have a God/KING, who lowers HIS scepter and says, “Come sit beside ME and we will figure this out!” He gave us the New Covenant where we can enter into HIS throne room without fear of death. In HIS throne room we figure out how to have life and have life abundantly. In those times with our KING, we are given great authority and power, as HE dresses us in HIM. When we are dressed in HIM we can overcome every scheme of the enemy. The WORD that is sent forth helps us overcome every scheme of the enemy. When we follow HIS plans, not only do we have victory but we get to take the territory that the enemy had claims on. We can’t take any of the plunder of this world because it might become an idol to us. We must give glory and honor to the KING who gave us the WORD and authority.

We must be aware that we are, “alive for such a time as this!” and take the authority that the KING has given us. We must first be willing to go before the KING and allow HIM to grant us HIS favor, HIS cleansing, HIS oil of purification, and HIS training. HE is willing to lower HIS scepter, because HE tore the curtain 2000 years ago for us to enter into HIS presence with total freedom. There was a cost to that freedom so we must enter into HIS presence with a humble purified heart. AS we enter into that place a plan will be given for us to defeat the enemy of our territory. We like Esther must be willing to rise and take possession of our territory: Overton County, Appalachia Region, USA, to the ends of the earth. Let’s go, and take our land. When we take possession of our land we will have peace and tranquility in our land much like Esther did during the last part of her life.

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