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First Church exists as a local expression of the Kingdom of God "on earth as it is in heaven". Our mission is "Loving God and Neighbor in Worship, Word, and Life Groups".


Our mission to love God and Neighbor includes the three key areas of Worship, Word, and Life Groups.  Worship is the profound experience of entering into the heavenly realm as we remove our focus from ourselves and refocus on who God is. Worship often involves music--but is so much more than singing.  Worshiping the Lord together as a community in both Spirit and in Truth is central to who we are.  Through worship, we love God, and in worship, we unite in love as one people!

The Word has a name: Jesus!  We have committed together as a church community to read the Bible using a resource called Life Journals (see the link on this site!).  We read the Old Testament through once each year, and the New Testament twice--all the while listening to hear God speak to us.  We are not interested in Bible "studies"--we are interested in the Word transforming everything we are-.  In loving the Word, we love God; by Hearing the Word, we fall in love with our neighbors!

We believe the early church had it right--they met every week as a large group, and they also met weekly in home groups (Acts 20:20).  We encourage and even expect all who are part of this fellowship to take part in Life Group ministry--because it is the most powerful way that has ever been found to mature people as lovers of God, while also falling in love with neighbors--near and far!

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Kaleo & Iris

First Church is a Kaleo congregation.


First Church works in close relationship with Iris Global.

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