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Restored Sight

John 9: 15 Then the Pharisees asked the man, “How did you have your sight restored?” He replied, “A man anointed my eyes with clay, then I washed, and now I can see for the first time in my life!”

This young man had an encounter with Jesus and then he could see. I felt like Jesus said to me, “Where are your spiritual blind areas? I want to encounter you today just as I did the young blind man on the road. I want to heal your spiritual blindness.”

Jesus is waiting for that encounter with each of us! HE wants to touch our blind areas of our lives. HE is the only person who can restore blindness. It is NOT through a man or woman it is through HIM alone. We must keep our eyes on HIM and give HIM access to every area of our lives so HE can place HIS healing on the blind areas of our lives, (“Then Jesus spat on the ground and made some clay with his saliva.”).

Can you give HIM access to those parts of your lives? Can you keep your eyes on HIM and not the situations going on around you? We as a BODY are in the year of SIGHT and during this year we have endured many changes but if we continue to keep our eyes on HIM our SIGHT will get clearer and clearer. HE has called us to be the BODY that is willing to grow by WORD, WORSHIP, AND LIFE GROUPS! The WORD, we read daily from the LIFE Journal; WORSHIP we do corporately, where we take our sights off ourselves and put them on HIM; and LIFE GROUPS is where we get discipled and have accountability. We must not allow spiritual blindness in our lives or as a Body. We must be willing for HIM to heal all areas of blindness. Allow HIS healing salve to be applied to every area of our lives, today!

Lots of Love - Tina

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