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These are not the easiest days for any of us, and certainly not for me as a Shepherd…

While I pastored through the hysteria of the Y2K “crisis,” this situation is different, and much more grounded in fact. Covid 19 is real and for some, very dangerous.

Still, I remember calls in 1999 to store a year’s worth of food—for every church family—and an ominous threat that the “government will disable your cars via satellite come 1/1/2000.” That warning came from an “expert” at a gathering of leading pastors…! Fortunately, I did not turn the church building into a food warehouse or buy horses to replace our cars…

I have received calls and texts from profoundly mature and sincerely Church members—some concerned that we are not honoring our President and governing authorities (Romans 13) in not taking off a couple Sundays—while others compare our continued gathering together to the early Church’s insistence on meeting even at the risk of the wrath of the Roman Empire. Both make valid points, physically and spiritually.

Yet, I think there are actually deeper issues here we need to pray through. While the Constitution forbids the Government from limiting religious freedom including assembling together, we are all feeling the pressure and in some states churches have actually been “commanded” to not meet. Changing thoughts and new rules are literally coming daily…

For years, I have shared my heart that we as a church would one day come to the place where every single member was actively in a Life Group. Twenty years ago or today, I have preached the same two truths. Life Groups, done right, give the Holy Spirit room to profoundly expose and heal wounds, fears, and doubts within us.

But the second truth is becoming astonishingly clear as we speak. With ALL of us in Life Groups, we can continue to gather as church even if the government or culture demand or legislate that we cannot meet publicly.

The Church in China understands this well. The early church understood this well. Small groups can usually avoid the wrath of the kingdom of this world and continue as the Kingdom of God even if large community gatherings are few and far between.

If you think me to be a foolish doomsday preacher, let me suggest you review what freedom looked like a month ago as opposed to this day! I am asking you to consider what precedence set now means for future court cases concerning church gatherings…

I am asking any who are not currently part of a Life Group to earnestly pray about joining one! Existing groups are many, and new ones are coming. We CANNOT be fully prepared for what MAY come quickly unless we are ALL prepared to make Life Groups our primary church setting, with corporate gatherings enjoyed as much as we can. More importantly, you WILL experience healing in a Life Group!

Here is the list of our current Life Groups:

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