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2020 - The Year of SIGHT

Welcome to the year of Sight! As I have prayed the past few weeks, I felt that the Lord kept bringing me back around to this word…

20-20 vision – being able to see at 20 feet what someone with perfect vision can see at that same range – has been a recurring image I have used—particularly when describing the perfect vision of Acts 20:20, where Paul reminded his hearers that he had not failed to meet with them in the public assembly and from house to house…

We believe in that perfect vision and have focused on Life Groups and on Sunday Worship Gatherings as equally important parts of seeing and walking out our Christian faith. Many churches have small groups, but few utilize them in a way that gives the Holy Spirit room to expose, heal, and refine. Our groups are not built around lectures, coaching, or gossip; they are built around a question that equals the field and relies on the Spirit—not a strong personality—to truly lead, heal, and deliver.

But we had a “Year of Vision” several years ago—and the Lord has given us a clear vision of being an Antioch Church in the Appalachia region, as part of the Kaleo Family. What we need now is manifested vision…experienced vision…perfected vision…realized vision. As I prayed through this, the Lord gave me the word SIGHT, as in seeing the Lord of the vision; as in moving forward guided by a vision until it is clearly seen and experienced in us and others; as in seeing the Lord’s heart, strength, power, purposes, and glory until we truly and clearly SEE with Kingdom eyes!

  • We have a clear vision; now we need to have the sight to truly move forward in it!

I am reminded of the blind man who needed to be prayed for by Jesus a couple times before he was able to see clearly. For me, it may require a few thousand prayers, but I believe we will have perfected sight as we walk through this coming year! We will SEE manifestations and completions and victories like never before!

One powerful way to improve our sight so we can see and experience the Kingdom of God more clearly than ever is to FAST.

Josh Muse, the Apostolic leader of Kaleo, has called all of us to a 40-day juice fast, beginning this Sunday, January 5th, or by next Sunday the 12th—lasting till February 14th, or 21st. As an alternative, a Daniel fast that resists meat and sweets is fine. For those who are pregnant or have a medical condition that precludes fasting, alternatives such as partial fasting or prolonged periods of prayer are just fine. Fasting is not a law and we certainly won’t be legalistic about it, but I am asking you to seriously consider this as a way for the Lord to help complete the work of Sight He has begun in you…!

Please join me and Tina in fasting, and please join us in believing that we will be a people of SIGHT manifested, not just envisioned; Seeing with opened eyes, not just groping around within a vague sense of direction…! We have God’s Vision; now we need Him to heal our Sight!!

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