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Fire in the Park

Family Covenant Sunday

June 30th is going to be a very special day in the life of our mature yet young new Church! Thanks to John West, we have booked the City Central Park from 9 -2 that day. We will gather for a glorious worship service, and then share a fellowhship meal together.

I would like us to call Sunday the 30th Family Covenant Sunday. It will be a day worship and prayer and fellowship and food—along with a really cool water park and playground for the kids!

It will also be a day we can renew our relationship to each other under the Father’s love and in the Presence of the Lord! Let me explain what I hope the 30th will be like.

  • Pray that the weather is good! Dress comfortably, and bring swimsuits if you want to play in the water park!

  • Bring some comfortable lawn chairs if you have them. Sunscreen might also be a really good idea!

  • We will have hamburgers provided, grilled by some of our finest cooks on sight. Drinks will also be provided. Otherwise, would you consider bringing something that goes well with Hamburgers? (Chocolate Chip cookies would certainly be appropriate…!)

  • Finally, it will be a day when we can commit to be a FAMILY as we walk into the future Father has called us to. We were members of a denomination; now we are called to be in covenant relationship with each other as FAMILY. “Membership” sounds like a club. Covenant Family sounds like the New Testament Church. We are committing to follow the Lord as a Family of Faith!

  • There will be a handout ready by the 23rd outlining our Covenant. (Don’t worry—we are not forming a cult, and as always, grace abounds! But committing to each other to basic disciplines like Word, Worship, and Life Groups—out from under a stale structure and free now to excel in new Spiritual freedom, is really good and important!) What we are doing is simply deciding that what we were organizationally doesn’t have to define or limit who we are going forward. It allows us to start fresh in our new life together!

Sunday June 30th will be a fun and formative day in our lives together as a church, helping to set the stage for a congregation living in New Testament life together. It will be in many ways our launch service. It will be the day of New beginnings for us. It will be a day to celebrate what God has done, and what He is leading us toward. It will be a day when we set out together, united as Blood brothers and Sisters and Co-heirs with Christ by the Holy Spirit. It will be a day that helps set our course together!

I LOVE this FAMILY of ours and am really looking forward to our cookout—and our future—together!

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