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Missionary Fire

As I write this, I am sitting in Reynosa, Mexico at the Kaleo center as part of the Kaleo School of Missions. Tina and I were both privileged to teach at the School this week, with a remarkable group of Jesus-loving, Spirit-filled servants from around the world. It is incredibly exciting to meet upcoming leaders in the Kingdom of God who are so deeply committed to and in love with Jesus!

Among those here are our own Jesse and Sharron and Keisha—as well as Don and Jackie, of course. To see how Family members are growing—and to see how powerfully the Lord uses Don and Jackie to lead this School—is just amazing…!

I was able to share with the students what the Lord is doing in Livingston—and several have already expressed a desire to help staff our first Appalachia Awakening Leadership School, tentatively slated for October of 2020. It is so confirming—and humbling—to see and hear the confirmation of the vision the Lord has shown to us in the faces and hearts of leaders He is raising up from around the world.

ALL by God’s grace, we are part of something bigger than we are—a Heart cry that truly emanates from the Father. “Without a vision, the people perish,” to quote the proverb. But the inverse is even truer—WITH a vision, the people flourish!!!

The School will continue for a couple more weeks, but the Kingdom impact will continue forever. God has equipped YOU, our dear Family, to make this all possible. Seeds planted 30 or more years ago are now sprouting. Prophetic words from the 1990’s and forward are now being fulfilled. The impact of our Church family nestled in humble Livingston, Tennessee far exceeds what any human could conceive or accomplish. And I believe with all of my heart that we are only seeing the very earliest stages of a soon-coming, world-changing Awakening!

I love you, and am anxious with Tina to get home to Livingston. While we will increasingly be a church that draws leaders and seekers from around the globe, we are at heart a beautiful family of disciples who have dared to believe God for more than just surviving or becoming the “mega church” of Overton County. We are believing Him for a great harvest of souls transforming the world. We are believing Him to be prepare us as His Bride united with His worldwide Bride—to welcome our Groom home!

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