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Fruitful Fire

I think most everyone who was able to take part in some or all the Conference this past weekend would attest to the fact that we enjoyed the Fire of God’s presence in some very real and powerful ways. There were some profound breakthroughs, including a person who had struggled with several life-controlling issues for close to 50 years experiencing radical healing.

There were times for many of intense joy. Others felt deep conviction with tears. More than a few saw visions of angels, fire, and, of course, the Lord Jesus. Many heard Jesus speak to them.

The teaching and preaching times were incredible. The time Sunday morning when many came forward to receive a Father’s hug and affirmation was particularly powerful for me.

One of the things that I heard over and over was the word “Fire,” not so much by Pastor John or Dan, but rather in a variety of prophetic words and pictures shared with me. Last Sunday, two of our own mentioned seeing/feeling Fire around and over us, impacting their lives and ours: Michael Graff and Matt Reeder. Their sharing was incredibly confirming concerning 2019 as The Year of Fire, and in terms of what other folks were sharing with me in person and electronically. Let me share a couple of those with you…

From Matthew Green, during prayer time on Saturday evening: God showed me the ceiling of the sanctuary crumbling and bursting open as angles and a tornado of fire came down into the room where we were. Matthew also experienced the Lord in several other visions and heard His voice as He healed deep hurts and revealed a bright and fruitful future in the Kingdom for him and Katlyn…

From Rev. Jim Newman, a United Methodist Pastor: I saw a giant ladle full of molten fire—maybe 50 feet tall and wide—like you would see in a steel factory, but much larger. The ladle was several hundred feet away and up in the air. The flow was like a small river. The following is what I witnessed. As we worshipped, I heard cries for an outpouring of oil, fresh oil, and this is what I heard (the Lord say) and saw: I desire to pour out fire! Real fire upon My people! As the crucible is pouring and I’m watching, it turns and begins to move toward me still pouring as if moving around the edge of a circle. I stand there choosing—as it approaches—to allow it to pour over me—to be consumed or to run. As the wall (of fire) poured over me, it was wondrous! With my arms lifted I became the molten fire, and all around me was a brilliant golden white and I was still standing! Inside, I was consumed but intact, and as I looked across where the ladle had begun, I saw many like me ablaze—glowing bright in the darkness that silhouetted them…

But how do we know this stuff is real? How do we know this was from God? One way, of course, is the fact that we know the heart of the people sharing. None of these folks are flaky or given over to vain imaginations. That should mean something, if we are truly Family…

The Bible gives us an even higher standard, however, to recognize real from false: FRUIT…!

How do we know that first fiery Pentecost was real, since people were staggering around as if drunk? FRUIT!

Real Fire from God will produce real Fruit in people. Fruit looks like healing…refreshing…restored marriages…renewed love for the Lord and neighbor…breaking of addictions…emotional restoration…Love…Joy…Peace…Patience…Kindness…Goodness…Faithfulnes…Gentleness…Self-control.

Joy was the loudest fruit we saw at times, but certainly not the only fruit, or even the most common. What was obvious to all, I pray, were the bushels of fruit…! So many lives were transformed by the Presence of God! I pray for lasting fruit. I pray for growing fruit. But mostly, I and eternally grateful to Father for such an abundance of FRUIT!!!

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