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Fiery Love

I hope you enjoyed reading through Genesis this month, and I hope you noticed how quickly the Fiery Love of Almighty God was illuminated!

God’s Fiery Love came as Light…

The very first command of the Lord recorded in Scripture is, Let there be Light (Gen 1:3). Even before the sun and stars were created (on day 4), God was illuminating the world as He formed it! Even as He is the Light of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:23), His glory was the first light; is the enduring light; and will be forever the eternal light!

Love Himself was shining from the very beginning! Love is shining now! The Fiery Glory of God’s Love is an illuminating Fire that lights the way…always!

But His Fiery Love soon took up another form…

In Genesis 3:24 we see one of God’s Cherubim holding a flaming sword to keep Adam and Eve from returning to the Tree of Life in the Garden. What amazing love! Father knew that if the tunic-dressed couple were to eat of the Tree, they would live eternally APART from the saving sacrifice that “Tree,” Jesus would later offer. To protect Adam and Eve from an eternity of fallenness, the Lord used Fire to keep them at bay—until Jesus could come as the Second Adam to save the first…!

But His Fiery Love soon took up yet another form…

In Genesis 15 we read together of the blood covenant that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit cut with Abram (Abraham). After accounting Abram Righteous, based on his faith, The Triune God entered into Covenant (an unbreakable, eternal, relational, agreement and promise) with Abram by: providing the Blood Sacrifice—picturing Jesus; by passing between the Sacrifice as a Smoking Oven—picturing the Father; and also, as a Burning Torch—picturing the Holy Spirit. Almighty God, as a “Consuming Fire” asked nothing of Abram but gave all of Himself to make an everlasting Covenant with Him—and us…!

In just the first 15 Chapters of Genesis we see the Fiery Love of God displayed as:

  1. The Fiery Glory of God as our Light,

  2. The Fiery Love of God as our protection, and as

  3. The Fiery Gift of God offering Himself in everlasting Covenant.

This is the Year of Fire and we are entering a Fire Conference this weekend. I pray you:

  1. Experience the Fires of His Glory, lighting your way,

  2. Experience the Fire of His love, protecting you for His perfect timing, and

  3. Experience the Covenantal Fire of a God willing to offer and commit Himself to you and me—based simply and only upon… Faith!

May His FIRE envelop us and cleanse us and heal us and protect us and prepare us and consume us…! We should never be afraid of but always awestruck by such Fiery Love!!!

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