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Thanksgiving Fire

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I am going to keep this short and semi-sweet this week! But it is an important part of moving in the Fire of God…!

A people who have walked through great struggle and great sacrifice KNOW how to be profoundly thankful to God.

A people who have walked through little adversity and difficulty know how to eat too much food and argue over which football game to watch…

As a Nation, we have walked through great adversities, periodically, from the start. During those times of adversity, and in short period following, we have KNOWN how to gratefully, deeply, and sincerely thank God for all His love and provision.

But we have not known, at least not as a Nation United, that kind of profound unity around the idea of Thanking God since world War two, except, perhaps, Thanksgiving of 2001. And as a Nation, I suspect we are in the most unthankful and divided a place as we have been since about 1860… and perhaps, ever.

Our national fleetingness in giving thanks is certainly mirrored by the Church. Profound gratefulness and Thanksgiving mark the Church in places like China or Middle East, where serving Jesus comes at the highest price. Those nations may not have a holiday set aside as we do in Thanksgiving, but heartfelt thanks and praise with tears looks much more what our Pilgrim forerunners experienced than what we do.

So, as a Church Family, let’s covenant together for the next week or two to find time to profoundly, deeply, tearfully, joyfully, loudly, softly, and genuinely to give Father, Son and Holy Spirit our Thanks and Praise and Adoration! After all, we who enjoy so much with very little sacrifice, by in large, should be the FIRST and LOUDEST to shout our Thanksgiving, not the last and the faintest…!

The food will be wonderful and the games a blast, but it is the LORD who deserves our fullest attention!!!

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