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It’s time to Break the Rules

It’s time to Break the Rules.

We were made to live in this world, but we were not made for this world (Ephesians 2:6-7). We belong to another kingdom, and to the king of kings. Our culture and lifestyle as Christians by and large, are in conflict with the culture of the world. We were made to be subject to a King that this present world rebels against. That means that we have to live by a different set of rules. We live by principles that lead to death that produces eternal life. The rules of the world lead to fleeting life that produces eternal death.

When the world says division... We live in unity. When the nations rage, we steady ourselves in peace. When everything seems hopeless and in chaos, the people of Jesus get filled to the brim with hope in a sovereign God. The best part is, everyone gets the full VIP access, and it’s for all the time not just Sunday morning. This world is not our home, we are invaders from a heavenly realm and it’s time to break and change the rules.

Jesus did and so should we. We are on chapter 14 in the Gospel of Luke in our life journal as I write this. Jesus has broken the man-made Sabbath rule 4 times already in Luke’s gospel. Think about that. There is a system that man has made and propped up with religion. Jesus does not ignore it, or just learn to deal with it. He confronts it and very publicly opposes it. Jesus is not doing this to simply be rebellious; he does it because he can’t submit to rules that oppose his kingdom. Jesus knows what we are learning day by day. His presence brings an invasion of the kingdom of heaven to realms of earth…

So what does that look like daily for us? Well is there something you are dealing with that opposes King Jesus? Try this…

  1. Stop what you’re doing and find a quiet place to encounter Jesus. Get rid of all your distractions. That means turn off your phone….

  2. Invite the Holy Spirit. Ask him to fill the room and captivate your mind. Give Jesus all your focus.

  3. Tell him your problem and ask for his help.

  4. Now simply listen. Examine your thoughts as he speaks to you. Write it down. Do your thoughts align with the scriptures? Bring peace and hope? Then it’s God speaking to you.

  5. Be obedient. Do what he tells you to do. Repent of what he asks you to repent of. If you’re talking to the creator of the universe it’s probably a good idea to do what he says.

  6. Watch God work where he said he would!


Pastor John

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