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Angelic Fire

Above (the Throne of God) stood Seraphim; each had six wings: with two he covered his face, with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. (Isaiah 6:2)

(I am in Reynosa at our Kaleo School of Leadership. There are 10 of us in total connected to First Church, which is amazing. I am borrowing from a teaching Josh Muse gave on Monday that was incredibly powerful—which describes every moment of this school…!)

The Seraphim, or “burning, fiery, gliding angelic beings” (Strong’s 8314) were the Angelic beings Isaiah saw as the Lord drew him into the Throne room. In them, Isaiah saw an angelic illustration that captured much of what the Lord was doing in Isaiah as he experienced the Glorious Presence of God. We can grow from the same vision!

With two wings, they covered their face. Why did they cover their face? In a word, humility. They did not want Isaiah to focus on the wrong face. They did not want to draw attention to themselves. Their focus was on Father’s Glory, not on the reflection of His glory on their own faces. They walked—and flew—in true humility.

Drawing attention to ourselves is quite the opposite of what the Seraphim do around the Throne of God. We, too, have a decision to make at every moment and in every situation—are we really the center of attention, or should the Lord Almighty be? The answer is rather obvious, especially as we gaze with Isaiah…

With two wings, they covered their feet. Why did the Seraphim Angels cover their feet? In a word, holiness. Feet represent the dirtiest part of us. It is why Jesus washed His disciples feet—as an illustration of imparted holiness, received in humility (as discussed above) and presented by the Holy One who was willing to serve in perfect humility.

We are born “dirty”—fallen—in a fallen and unholy world. NOTHING we can do can change that—but the Lord Jesus has come to “wash our feet” and to dress us in “robes of righteousness.” This covering hides our dirtiness behind the glory of His righteousness! We are to holy because HE is holy. It is not optional. Un-holiness cannot enter the presence of the Lord. But Jesus has covered in our feet in Holiness!

With two wings they flew. Why did the Angelic Beings fly? In a word, obedience. To ALWAYS be available to the Lord is to be quickly obedient to His every call. To “go” when He says, “go.” To “come” when He commands us to “come.” Isaiah must have understood this on some level, because he verbalized the words of one who is obedient. Here I am Lord, send me!

We were born disobedient children of human rebellion. But God, who is rich in mercy, transforms us and draws us to ever-increasing obedience—if we are willing. He does not overrule our free will. We can will to be disobedient, rebellious children, OR, we can choose to become obedient and compliant to His call—willing and able to “fly” to whatever adventure He is calling us too!

Humility. Holiness. Obedience. What the Seraphim do perfectly and eternally pictures who we are to become as we see the Lord, high and lifted up…!

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