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A Relational Fire

In the 18th and 19th chapters of Acts, we find the First Church busy changing the world. Apollos was a gifted preacher, but needed to receive the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. Aquila and Priscilla were God’s instruments to do so. Apollos then went to Corinth and powerfully ministered, while Paul went to Ephesus, found 12 disciples who also needed full baptism, and led them to both a deeper relationship with Jesus and to Holy Spirit Baptism.

The First Christians interacted and intermingled as Family to accomplish Father’s purposes all over the place and in the lives of countless souls. A growing team of leaders allowed for a growing impact in the lives of an ever-growing number of people.

Relationship is the bedrock of Christianity, not buildings or organizations. We are now a Family built on deep, Spirit-filled relationships, not contracts, bylaws, or buildings. As a Kaleo (the Called) Church, we are called to walk in relationship with our worldwide Family. As we do so, it looks like… the First Church!

This Sunday, five missionaries from the Harvest School will join and minister with us for the next two weeks here in Appalachia. What a privilege and honor! Understand that these missionaries paid to come…here! There were airline tickets to buy, and a financial fee to pay to cover the costs of the mission. They are serious about being part of the Appalachian Awakening!!!

As a Kaleo Church, we are part of the Harvest School (Iris Global Ministries) Family. We get to interact and intermingle in ministry with these missionary leaders—as the Father uses them and us to bring salvation and Spirit-Baptism to our Appalachian neighbors!

Our connections are multi-level and multi-functional. I will be traveling in a week with John Arnott, Dan Slade, and Mike Rogers to Alabama to a large, multi-campus church that is beginning to move in the Spirit, and wants to come out from under an apostate structure and be part of the Partners in Harvest network. I will preach at one of their satellite campuses and be part of the Healing services at the main campus.

As a Kaleo Church, we are part of the Partners in Harvest Family. This trip is just one of many that will open the Corinth’s and Ephesus’ around us to the true and full Gospel.

On September first, R.T. Kendall will be here to bring the Word of God. If you haven’t heard what the Lord is doing through R.T.’s life go to to find out more about him. Suffice to say, He is one of the great Apostles of our day. You should invite everyone you can to be here that day!

As a Kaleo Church, Tony Maxwell felt comfortable extending the invitation to R.T. to come, and R.T. felt comfortable in coming. Don and Jackie Ragland also just extended an invite to a great man of God from Africa, who will join us in the future as the Lord allows. This is how the Church is supposed to function!

The Church at first flowed in Family connections, unencumbered with buildings or organizational clutter. We now, more than ever, are beginning to really look like…the FIRST CHURCH!

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