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The Three Weapons God Has Given First Church!

Folks, we are quickly entering the last month of the year… Where has the time gone?

As usual, within First Church ministries and community, this next month or two will be busting full of Holy Spirit power and glory… With all that is happening in the next couple of months, I want to take a moment to connect with you and explain the “WHY” of “WHAT” we are about to head into during December and January.

For some of us that have been around for a good while, you’ll remember, that one of our core prayers for the Appalachian Region we have carried for years, is for Jesus to break through the demonic strongholds of “addiction, poverty, and religion.” This unholy trinity has been the cause for much of the strife and brokenness that strangles the beautiful people of this region that we are called to serve. After years of praying this, I believe the Lord has given access to three weapons. These three weapons are and will be effective in tearing down these three strongholds. I also believe these three weapons will work in unison to connect people with our desire to see awakening in Appalachia. It can be used as a “spiritual plow” to break ground metaphorically, in new areas we feel called to plant Churches in. What are these three weapons you ask? It would be my pleasure to explain.

  1. The Christmas Store. Breaking the grip of Poverty.

We are not just giving kids toys who otherwise would not have. That in itself is a good effort, but the Christmas Store is more than that. We are empowering parents to be able to purchase and provide for their families Christmas gifts they otherwise would not have. Not only are we alleviating the circumstances of poverty. Even more so, we are breaking the poverty mindset and empowering parents to take ownership of what they receive through this ministry. This is a powerful key. Yes, there will be prayer ministry and times of evangelism. There always is with each store, and that is a vital part. The more subtle work of the Holy Spirit that is happening through this ministry, is imparting a message to each parent as they leave. “I am capable of providing for my family, I am not a victim of my circumstance.” This shift of thinking is what makes generational change in the fight to break poverty in our region. This year the Lord has led us to Clay County, where the need has proven to be great. We have no formal ministry connection there other than the leading of the Holy Spirit. I believe the Lord is doing a unique work this year and will open a door through the Christmas Store to begin the work of planting a new Life Group in the Clay County area.

  1. Kaleo Call to Freedom. Breaking the Grip of Addiction.

This truly is a new work of the Lord. After years of contending in prayer, the Lord has given a very simple but powerful vision for providing hope and restoration for those trapped in any life altering addiction. This new 6 month, Life Group based model of out-patient addiction rehabilitation will bring a new breath of Holy Spirit healing to those who are bound up in the snares of addiction. This program is the first of many that will be implemented in the Global Kaleo International Network. It will be a foundation stone ministry for others in our larger Kaleo family to start combating addiction in their respective communities.

  1. Fire School. Breaking the Grip of Religion.

If you have ever attended any of our previous Fire Schools in years past, then you already know what I mean by breaking the grips of Religion. Fire School is a three day conference here at the Church that immerses people into solid theology, deep inner-healing, and the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit. Fire School is notorious for breaking Religious mindset and expectations off of people. I know of no other event in the great state of TN that provides an experience like we have had each year here at Fire School. If you want more in your walk with Jesus, then this is for you. Each year we have had roughly 100 + people attend and we are believing for more this year. Please make plans to RSVP because space will be limited. Feel free to share with others outside of our network that you believe will benefit from this as well.

Like mentioned previously there is a lot going on within our Church family this time of year. Christmas time is a breakthrough season in the Kingdom of God. It is exciting to say the least. I am thankful for everyone’s support and participation in these God ordained ministries. As we continue to press in, we will see God do great things!

For more info, like dates and times for each of these events that the Lord will use as weapons to bring freedom in Appalachia, please make sure to keep up to date with your E-bulletin.


Pastor John

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