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The Return

As we prepared to lead these 10 days of prayer and repentance the Holy Spirit spoke many exciting and encouraging Words to us! 

We are all painfully aware of the darkness and sin that has covered the people of this nation and the people of God. We believe this election is boiling down to an epic battle of Life and Death of the very foundation of America and the lives of the unborn. 

BUT GOD, who is rich in mercy and sovereign over all hears the cries of His People when they “....humble themselves and pray, turn from THEIR SIN, seek MY FACE, then I WILL HEAR and HEAL their land”. 

2 Chronicles 7:14. 

The Bible is full of Testimony of the people of God who gathered together to fast, repent and cry out to God for forgiveness and deliverance from the enemy. Gods Word points to US the True Church as holding the keys to the salvation of our Land. 

We received a direct Word from the Lord concerning our participation in The Return. Holy Spirit told us this event would open up for the next 40 days (from now until the election) a divine “effective door” of ministry, that veils and blinders would be removed from the people, a gate to heaven would be open for us to speak Truth and that it would pierce the hearts. Ears would be open, eyes would be open to see and hear the Spirit of Truth. Deceptions and delusions would be pushed back for us to be bold and brave to share the Gospel. Where there has been hardness, hearts would be open. However- each individual would either be “cut to the heart” and repent or gnash their teeth in rebellion. If we pray and intercede for deliverance and salvation, we will be a part of making this opening for the Spirit of God and the Light of Jesus to pour out into the darkest hearts and regions in this nation! God is on the MOVE! 

Won’t you join us on the square Saturday the 26th (8-6) to cry out to God in confession and repentance? Perhaps He will have mercy and return to us and send the Great Healing revival/awakening we so desperately need! 

For more info call 

Dino & Catherine Cates 

Prayer Pastors 

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