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New Year Updates 2024

It’s 2024! Wow, it is amazing to even believe we are here. No flying cars, and the world is as crazy as ever, but alas we made it. 

I am incredibly grateful for what the Lord has done over the last couple of years. Looking back with genuine gratitude only helps me know and understand better, that this coming year will be greater than anything we could ask or plan for as we continue to say yes to Jesus and follow Him where He leads. Here are a few key updates as we head full steam into this new year. 

  • Are we fasting this year? 100% yes. Though this year's fast will be like no other fast we have ever done before. This year in partnership with our greater Kaleo family, we are participating in a 365 day fast with a specific prayer focus for the unreached people groups that God has opened doors for us (the Kaleo Network) to preach the gospel in. Did your heart miss a beat when I said a 365 day fast? Yes, Kaleo Founders Josh and Olivia Muse, felt strongly from the Lord that Kaleo as a whole needed to set this entire year aside for fasting for unreached people groups. Of course no one person or Church is expected to fast for 365 days consecutively (insert sigh of relief). Rather, each base and region of Churches globally will be taking two months of the year to set aside for fasting. We, First Church, are assigned the months of March and September to pray and fast on behalf of the Unreached Tribes of South Sudan… How you choose to fast is between you and the Holy Spirit. I only ask that you please prayerfully consider what God is calling you to give up during this time as we contend for the Harvest in some of the most remote places on Earth.

  • Fire School! Fire School is less than a month away! I believe strongly that anyone who is able to attend makes plans to do so. The link to register is available on the Church website. Without a doubt you will experience new levels of freedom, deliverance, healing, encouragement and refreshment as a result of attending this year's school. This has been the case each year that we have done this. If you're on the fence about whether or not you should attend, let this be the push you need to register. 

  • Call to Freedom. This week we will have our first ever Call to Freedom meeting! Welcome to 'Call to Freedom', a transformative six-month outpatient addiction rehabilitation program designed to guide you towards lasting recovery. Recovery from all types of life altering addictions including but not limited to substance, alcohol, food, work, sex, pornography, gaming, or self harming. Our weekly meetings, starting January 4th, offer a supportive community, and essential tools to break free from life-altering addictions. At 'Call to Freedom', we believe in empowering individuals in their journey to recovery, fostering a caring environment that promotes healing and growth through a vibrant relationship with Jesus and His church. Join us as we navigate this path together, providing the resources and encouragement needed for a brighter, addiction-free future.Each meeting is safe, confidential, and led by the power of the Holy Spirit.At each meeting you will receive thoughtful ministry from a small-group leader, and support from an assigned trained mentor, along with a group of peers to walk through the six-month program with. To reserve a spot, text “Help” along with your full name to 931-823-6689. Child-Care will be provided.  We will also have small-groups available for children in grades 5th-12th. I look forward to all the freedom that will take place as a result of this ministry. 

As you can see, this year is already off to an explosive start. As we move forward yielded to Jesus’s leadership we can expect the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit to continue to pour out among us. I look forward to working alongside you as we continue to build the Kingdom of God in 2024!!


Pastor John

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