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Leadership School Update

By chance, if you have not heard we are in the middle of a 3 week Kaleo Leadership School. These schools are an integral part of what God has called us to in our mandate to carry revival to the Appalachian Region. Right now we have students that have traveled far and wide to plug into the life of this body and our mission field. They are receiving world renown teaching and training to better equip them as leaders in their respective calls and communities. The school focuses on three tracks. Theology, Inner Healing and Church Leadership.

Theology, because whether we admit it or not, everything we believe and do flows from who we believe God to be and how we relate to Him. Without a basic understanding of true scriptural doctrine, it is utterly impossible to experience inner healing or demonstrate healthy Church Leadership.

Inner healing, because your unresolved internal pain is the biggest hindrance for you to not fully walk in what you are called to. Jesus has called you, defeated the power of sin and the devil on the cross of Calvary and has made you a co-heir in His eternal limitless Kingdom. The only thing God won't do on your behalf is confront the trauma and pain within you that is keeping you stuck in yourself. Simply put, you are your own worst enemy, and you need tools to deal with yourself and find healing in Jesus.

Church Leadership development because none of us know everything. The leadership school provides an opportunity to hear from Church leaders from all over the world that have spent decades serving Jesus and allowing Him to develop their own style of leadership within His Church. The value of being able to hear what has and hasn’t worked for them in their ministries is an absolute honor and has un-imaginable value.

So again, this school is unique and an immense blessing for those involved including myself, and our Church as a whole. The school is an important part of fulfilling the glorious call that we as a Church body have been mantled with. I want to encourage you to pray for the school, set up a time with myself or The Raglands to visit a class or two. Believe in faith with me, that God will continue to use this school to take us further in our call and refine us as a Church family. Thank you to those of you that have provided food and have been praying for and ministering in the school already. Thank you for being a Church body that is willing to step into the deep end of ministry. Thank you for your continued support and enduring “Yes” to all God is doing in our midst.


Pastor John

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