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I just want to get this off my chest...

I Just Want To Get This Off My Chest…

Please Read Matthew 24-25 Before Reading This Blog

Never in a million years did I ever think that I would be a pastor. It never was a blip on my radar growing up. Never did I think I would be pastoring an incredible group of believers, in what I believe is one of the best small towns in the U.S. It’s surreal in one of the most divisive times in American History. If you had put a pen in my hand at the age of 16 and said write what you think your life will be like in 20 years, you would have a very different story then the one I'm living in. I would have been terrified, and probably ran for the hills, if I knew all that God had in store. Thus I can say, there is so much to be thankful for. There is nothing I lack, and as far as I am concerned I am living a “blessed life”.

It is extremely humbling that God saw fit for me to live this life. Of course, it hasn't been easy. There have been as many valleys, as there have been mountain tops. I know it's all part of God’s plan for my life (despite me getting in the way) so I wouldn't change a thing. If you looked from the outside in, you probably could find plenty of things to criticize and correct. I am totally ok with that. I know Jesus and I have a vibrant and challenging relationship with the Holy Spirit. I am confident that at the end of my days, here on earth, it's only going to get better. Am I bragging? Maybe… no just kidding. I am just pointing out that there is so much to be thankful for and it’s easy to lose sight of that.

You may say, John, are you not watching the news? Are you not worried about all the chaos, lawlessness, and clear societal godlessness? Of course I am aware, but if you'll remember Jesus told us this is what it would be like in the end. We shouldn’t be surprised or caught off guard. In fact, you can take refuge in the fact that He has given you everything you need to live in such a time as this. We can rejoice that this life is preparation for eternal life. What an honor that He would give us the privilege of carrying His message and Kingdom in a world like this. He must think an awful lot about us to bestow such a big responsibility. If you can’t find reason to give thanks and be grounded in joy then you may have your hope in the wrong narrative. If you truly believe that the end is near, let me ask you a few questions.

1. What people or persons has God called you to preach the Gospel to and what's stopping you from doing it?

2. How are you better preparing your heart for His return? Are you digging deeper at all cost into your relationship with Him?

3. Are you rejoicing in the reality that today you are one step closer to seeing Jesus make all things new? If not, why?

None of us really know what tomorrow will bring, but you can give thanks to the Lord today for where He has brought you and where He has promised to take you when it's all said and done. The last two years the Lord has clearly done deliverance work on His Church in America. He has shown us that reliance on the American dream and lifestyle is not always genuine Christianity and will not sustain us for where we are heading in the future. The days of being a Christian to enhance your social status are long gone, and that's a good thing. God is bringing us to a place where faith in Jesus will actually cost us something. You know like Jesus said it would…(Matthew 16:24-26) All that to say, this is what He told His disciples living in the end times would be like. Does this make it easy? Of course not, but if you choose to walk in thanksgiving and faith, instead of fear, you won't be deceived and led astray. If you choose to rejoice in all that He is doing in this hour, you are positioning yourself to better participate in the building of His Kingdom through your life. Instead of being an echo chamber for despair and dread.

Folks, being delivered from worldly comforts is not pleasant, but it's also not bad. Our Lord has used the last two years to shake everything off the Church that looked good on the outside, but brought no value to our relationship with Him. Please, let's not fight to go back to it. Give thanks to God for all the blessings He has established in your life and carry on with the Kingdom work He has fastened to you. Let go of all the things you can't control and get serious with your relationship with Jesus and what He's called you to do. Based on Jesus’ words in Matthew 24 and 25, things are moving according to His plan. So need not worry. In fact, I would suggest turning off any preacher, newscaster or commentator that is profiting off of your fear of social decline and set your focus to knowing Jesus better than you know Him today. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on all the great things He wants to do through you.


Pastor John Cahill

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