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Global Impact

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Global Impact!

This week a small team of us from First Church, spent five days ministering and speaking at the Kaleo Missions School in Reynosa Mexico. As expected it was a powerful week, where Jesus showed up doing many signs, wonders and miracles. I know the Kaleo Leadership appreciates us coming to share and impart during the schools, but it’s just as refreshing for me to be a small part of what God is pouring out in that part of the world. This week was particularly special because, in addition to sharing at the school, we got a full tour of all of the many works Kaleo has in Reynosa, including the Refugee Center that we, at First Church, recently sowed into with financial aid. After just a month of work, a block security wall, block dorms, bathrooms, and open air chapel are beginning to take shape. It was humbling to know the Refugee Center would be finished soon and there would be close to 200-300 women and children that would be able to shelter safely inside, as they received the Gospel while waiting for their future to be decided. There really is a crisis at the Southern Border! Close to 10k migrants, in Reynosa alone, are stuck living in tents outdoors in makeshift compounds, and other church sponsored Migrant Centers. Without getting into the politics of the issue, these people have made the long and dangerous journey from their home countries with a false hope they would be able to cross the border without cost or resistance. The result is thousands of women and children stuck at the border, sleeping in tents (if available) and vulnerable to the weather and various bad actors looking to exploit their desperation and vulnerability for profit. Rape, human trafficking, drug abuse and violence are common in the tent communities. We were blessed to visit these tent communities to share the gospel, pray and hear the stories of many. It was humbling and life changing to watch Jesus touch these precious peoples lives with miracles and the power of His presence, as we prayed and listened to stories of hardship and pain. It was also humbling to know that Jesus had used our church, First Church, to bring healing and hope to so many vulnerable people who are in desperate need. What an absolute honor!

We as a local church have really taken the Great Commission to heart and it is an absolute joy to be a part of! Not only have we sowed into the Refugee Center in Reynosa, in the last six months we have also provided financial support to Kenya for the building of a new well at the Kaleo Bible Institute, and we have provided substantial financial relief to the Church in Ukraine, through the help of trusted ministry partners! That's an impact in three continents! LET’S GO JESUS! We truly have a Global Impact for the Gospel. While these are mighty works God has done through us, I believe there is so much more to come. There really is a King David anointing on our church body. Though we might seem small, and not have much according to worldly standards, the Lord is certainly fighting with us as we sling our stones at the Goliaths across the world. Hallelujah!

Attached, you will find videos of when they hit good, quality water in Kenya and the tent communities at the Reynosa border. Also, pictures of the tent communities and The Kaleo Refugee Center.


Pastor John

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