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Eat your veggies

Eat Your Veggies

Proverbs 4

10 My son, if you will take the time to stop and listen to me and embrace what I say, you will live a long and happy life full of understanding in every way.11 I have taken you by the hand in wisdom’s ways, pointing you to the path of integrity.12 Your progress will have no limits when you come along with me, and you will never stumble as you walk along the way.13 So receive my correction[j] no matter how hard it is to swallow, for wisdom will snap you back into place—her words will be invigorating life to you.

One of the most challenging aspects of being a parent of young children is watching my kids refuse to eat the nutritious and delicious food we make for them without even trying it. For example, because they decided they don't like summer squash because of how it looks, they refuse to even try it. It makes no difference that it’s healthy, tastes pretty good (the way we fix it) and will make them grow stronger. By their reasoning it looks gross, so it is gross. Or maybe they have heard a sibling comment on how they dislike the taste of squash, or perhaps they’ve tried another similar vegetable with bad results and have sworn off any and all veggies in an attempt to self preserve. Regardless of their reason, it still doesn't make sense for them to decide something is bad tasting without actually tasting it. It’s hard for me not to slowly become irate as I explain to a stubborn child that you can't be a healthy person on a strict diet of Happy Meals. As we are transitioning into the teenage years in our home I'm realizing this is something they grow out of, but boy … the Lord has a funny way of refining our patience.

All kidding aside, as we read through Proverbs in our Life Journals, I'm again reminded that God is supremely wise and I am not. God loves me and has planned the best for me and I'm my own worst enemy in seeing His best manifest in my life. In fact, in most cases, like us all, I make decisions that provide the quickest relief and little discomfort because my flesh tells me that's what's good for me. I think I am starting to slowly come around, as I realize more and more that what feels good is not always best. A lot of times the truth hurts me and offends me, but it’s what I desperately need. Even if I don't necessarily like Biblical truth the moment I hear it, God’s wisdom provides the best nourishment for my growth. I think a lot of us have grown into the trap that the presence of God isn't offensive to our flesh. If you carefully read the scriptures you’ll find this is far from the truth. Yes, the presence of God, heals, restores, brings life, but it can also be offensive when we believe something that is in conflict with Him. We can rejoice that He’s willing to make us uncomfortable in order to reveal His truth. Even though truth can be unpleasant and hard to swallow at times, it’s crucial that we learn to desire what's best over what feels good. So my challenge this week, as family, is for us to humble ourselves and commit to seeking the nourishment of God’s wisdom. Even at the cost of being offended and not hearing what we like.


Pastor John

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