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Revival Obedience

Christmas time pulls us in many directions, yet only one has eternal consequence—the direction in which the Lord is leading! He has called and released a vision upon this congregation to be an Antioch Church, fully on fire for Him, uncompromised in our pursuit of His presence and provision, with a passion to see all of Appalachia on Fire with revival. With that in mind please read carefully this letter I received last week from our Partners in Harvest Family:

Dear Partners and Friends,

Over the last few months there have been prophetic dreams and visitations clearly indicating that the Lord is planning a new fresh move of His Spirit leading to harvest.

In September in Raleigh, NC, John was talking with friends about revival and a wave that would be 10x the one that had come to Toronto. He'd been meditating on a greater revival than what we've received. That night while he was sleeping an audible voice in the darkness came saying, “John, the wave and the increase you're expecting is coming very, very soon and you will see it."

Carol has had a renewed power of the Sword of the Lord which she's shared many times. She has sensed that sword sharpening as she continues to teach it.

In September at the annual CTF conference, a good trusted minister friend of John's and myself from Bulgaria had a dream about John that he's been an honorable father and will continue to father the next move. The dream said to expect something in January of 2019.

In September Dan was in Washington, DC visiting the new Museum of the Bible all day, and that night in a dream, Pete Rozelle, the former National Football League Commissioner, appeared to me and said he was starting a new venture and was looking for a co-owner. Pete Rozelle is famous as THE COMMISSIONER IN AMERICA. Jesus appeared to me as the GREAT COMMISSIONER and said He is starting something new.

On the basis of this prophetic urgency, John and I are calling for a DAY OF PRAYER FOR PIH on December 18th, from 10 am to 4:30 pm EST. WE will meet in the prayer room of the CTF Airport church and live stream it on our PIH Facebook page.

We encourage all within driving distance to join us in the prayer room for that time. For those overseas or in different time zones you may want to organize your church or group to meet together at your church or a convenient place. Or simply join the live stream in a way convenient for your schedule.

PLEASE PRIORITIZE THIS. We know it's a busy Christmas season, but we want to join in prayer together.


John Arnott

Dan Slade

Busy shepherds found time in their schedule to “Come and See” the newborn King. Truly wise men did likewise. It is time to pray and intercede. I am asking you to set apart time on Tuesday the 18th to pray. I am asking you to come Wednesday the 19th to the 5:00 prayer meeting to continue that prayer, and again the 24th at 6:00 to the Christmas Eve Service… to continue in prayer!!!

I am asking you clear your calendar for John Arnott’s visit with us the 11-13th of January. The final, greatest Revival of all time may have started by then. Who knows, the Revival may be starting right here…!

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