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Inclusive Obedience

I was reading an article in the September issue of CHARISMA magazine written by Dr. Michael Brown. He was discussing the fact that former gays and lesbians are often greatly persecuted by those around them who hate the idea that Jesus heals LGBTQ folks—just as he does all other types of broken people—and goes on to talk about the awkward way many churches deal with people who are in the healing process—or want to be.

Dr. Brown said, "We must follow the example of Jesus, who did not practice affirmational inclusion (which left-leaning Christians preach, affirming people in their sins). Instead He practiced transformational inclusion, reaching out to the outcasts and the misunderstood and then transforming them with His love.”

Affirmational inclusion verses Transformational inclusion… That really sums up the difference between the liberal or progressive church’s march toward apostacy and anarchy, as they teach and preach affirmation of sin; and the orthodox, apostolic, Bible-believing Church, which teaches and practices Transformation in Jesus.

In Scripture, Jesus NEVER affirmed the sin, but He was ALWAYS willing to transform the sinner! Today, Jesus NEVER affirms the sin, but He is ALWAYS willing to transform us sinners! We ALL need initial and ongoing transformation to become the grown up and healed children of God Father is calling us to be!

About nine or ten of us representing our two churches were at a District meeting Sunday where the vast majority of speakers seemed to understand the difference between patting someone on the back for sinning (affirmational inclusion) and calling people to healing in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the love of Jesus (transformational Inclusion).

Did you notice that Dr. Brown used the word “inclusion” in both definitions? Inclusion is certainly a buzzword in our day and Dr. Brown uses it well—to indicate that Jesus’ love includes everyone—but in a way that frees people rather than encouraging continued bondage. Oh, how I wish most of our Bishops and many of my fellow Clergy could come to understand this—IN THEIR HEARTS!

As a Church, we are called to teach, preach, live, and share transformational inclusion. EVERYONE is welcome to come get healed in Jesus’ Name by the Holy Spirit drawn by the Father’s Love! We LOVE people at the start, middle, and finish of the process, and understand that for most of us (it sure is for me!), it is a process.

“Inclusion” is often bandied about by liberals in the Church world to affirm sin. But REAL inclusion, as practiced by Jesus, draws people into healing and wholeness as lives are transformed away from sin and toward the Lord!

Inclusion is not a bad word, if we are leading people to REAL inclusion—to a place in Jesus’ heart where healing is real and transforming, where sin loses its attraction, and where love for others calls us to include them in what the Lord is doing.

May we always be a Church where TRANSFORMATIONAL INCLUSION is the norm!

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