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Reynosa Obedience

Greetings from Reynosa, Mexico! I am about to complete the first of three weeks of the Kaleo Leadership School. The climate outdoors has been very hot; the climate in the school has been absolutely on fire…!

Why are Tina and I doing this at this stage of life, and how can I include Tina in this since she is with you in Tennessee? We are doing this because God said to do so as He prepares us and positions us for the coming season of ministry in Appalachia.

We are doing it together because we became one flesh 32 years ago and are absolutely tied together at the heart, soul, and spirit, even if we are physically separated…

This first week has included hours of deep, deep worship leading to profound seasons of soaking in the presence of the Lord. In some ways, this is the sabbatical rest we have needed for some time.

This first week has also included fantastic teaching at a level at or beyond the doctoral level of teaching I received over a decade ago. The difference is this teaching isn’t designed to prepare me for an academic reward; it is to better prepare me to lead our Church toward an eternal reward—on earth now and in the coming heaven…!

I am here to continue to make and strengthen the Kingdom connections necessary to truly be an Antioch Church to a huge swath of the Eastern United States. To be an Antioch, a Gateway, involves becoming something beyond the already wonderful dynamics we enjoy as a truly alive and fully functional church. God is truly calling us outside of our walls and outside of the usual American church paradigms. THANK YOU for trusting me and loving me as your Shepherd. I hope you know I deeply love and trust you, too!!

Father is calling us to parent and steward… Renewal and Awakening! The Lord is calling us to love the few and forgotten—until they arise as a mighty army! The Lord is calling us help existing congregations and pastors who will suddenly face unacceptable choices in the coming months and years to find the center of the River of God again. Holy Spirit is calling us to flow with Him just as the early church did so that people might not only be saved, but truly set free!

I am honored and thrilled to be in Reynosa, and I hope you know that you are here with me—not in quite the same way that Tina is, but in a very similar fashion since we are Family! Together, God is calling us to a future of amazing grace—and amazing challenges. Please join me in praising the Lord as He prepares us to help lead many into His arms and prepares all of us for His return!!!

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