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Updates From Mexico!

Updates from Mexico! 

This past week, I have been in Mexico with a few others spending time teaching a fresh batch of leaders at the Kaleo Leadership School in Reynosa. 

It’s been powerful watching Jesus have fresh encounters with people from all over the world who have committed to spending their lives serving Him. 

I’m grateful for our Kaleo Family. What a joy to be sewn into a global network of devoted kingdom pioneers. As we are here pouring into the students at the school, it has also been a good opportunity to brainstorm with the Kaleo Leadership Team about some of the events coming up in our network over the next few months. 

  1. June 20-22 

Kaleo Columbia LA, first inaugural Fire School

If you were able to attend Fire School at Livingston this year, you probably had a profound experience in the presence of God as many of us did. If you know, you know. Our friends in Columbia, Louisiana are hosting a Fire School of their own, and we are expecting it to be just as powerful. If you want to check it out feel free to contact the Church office and we can point you in the right direction to get registered. 

  1. July 25-28

Youth Fire Camp

Our same friends in Columbia also have been hosting a 3-day youth camp for the last 3 years, and it’s like no youth event you’ve ever witnessed. The best way I can describe it is, “ Heaven on Earth”. Hundreds of young people experiencing God without any distractions. If you got to go to the Asbury revival that happened a year ago the atmosphere is similar to that outpouring. Last year we took a large group of First Church youth and we plan to do the same this year. If you would like to register your youth and get them involved in fundraising for the cost to go, please contact Mike and Amanda Graff. 

  1. July 18-21

The first inaugural “Appalachian Awakening Conference”

Registration is open and available for this conference on our website and I AM SO PUMPED UP FOR THIS!!!! 

For 3 + years, our body has faithfully carried a vision for building a Church that has a divine mandate to reach the Appalachian region with the same revival spirit we have known to expect in our services. Slowly, but surely, Jesus has been opening doors and connecting us to like minded people and ministries as we have focused on reaching  and ministering to the most broken in our region. Over time, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we have built a network of dedicated leaders and ministries who are fully connected and committed to this vision. The Appalachian Awakening Conference will provide a time of connection and encouragement for all us who have said yes to this call. I believe this conference will be just the beginning. I believe it’s a new wine skin we are building to contain the new wine God is pouring out in Appalachia. 

I, John Cahill, your pastor, am unashamedly asking you to sign up and attend. There will be dynamic worship and speakers during main session and breakout sessions. You’ll get to network with people from all over, and really just have plain old fashioned fun in the presence of the Lord. 

Please come and invite at least one other person to come with you. 

Just like in the spring, this summer will be packed full! Please stay connected and reach out if you have questions. We are doing this together and it has been a joy to run this race with each of you. I look forward to all that God is going to do! 


Pastor John  

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