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River Obedience

Shall we gather at the River, the beautiful, beautiful River; Gather with the saints at the River, that flows from the Throne of God.

I love Ezekiel 47 and am grateful it was part of our Life Journal readings this week. Jackie noticed and shared with me the reference to the water flowing out just right of the Eastern Gate. He brought me out by way of the north gate and led me around on the outside to the outer gateway that faces east; and there was water running out on the right side (vs. 2). On the right side of the Eastern Gate, a trickle of water flows OUT.

As an Eastern Gate Church, the River of God flows on our right side outward… Not a huge flow, mind you, but just enough of a stream to be unmistakable. One thousand cubits (about 1500 to 1800 feet) away, the water had grown to ankle deep (vs. 3).

Another thousand cubits, and it was up to his knees (vs. 4).

Another thousand cubits, and it was at Ezekiel’s waist (vs.4).

After another thousand cubits, the River was too deep to cross (vs.5)!

AS you know, Ezekiel saw in the spiritual realm—with Holy Spirit-opened eyes—trees on either side of the River, denoting life and healing. The River had so much life-giving power that even the Dead Sea came to life as the waters of God roared in!

Obviously, this is a supernatural, Holy Spirit-given vision. A river doesn’t get deeper away from its only source. But the River of God does! A river in the natural doesn’t have the power to heal and bring forth life from death. But the River of God does!

I believe Father God wants us to see something for our situation. As His waters have begun to flow outward from this Eastern Gate called Livingston First Church, the stream appears small and almost insignificant. But move out a way and get some perspective…!

As the waters flow out from our church—Waters we do not own or control, a River with so much life in it that we can’t possibly comprehend it all—they grow deeper and deeper…

As we (He!) plant(s) more and more churches—like trees beside the River, the water gets deeper and deeper. Life increases. Depth increases. Healing increases. Dead things are brought to life. Lives are transformed. Joy is restored. Deep calls out to deep…!

Hear the word of the Lord to us:

If you want to swim in the deepest waters of the River of God, you need to venture out from the comforts of this “Temple” and into the torrents. See how the desert is becoming vibrantly alive! See how the gushing and roaring of life transforms (eventually) an entire region of the USA. See dead seas resurrected and celebrate all these Trees – for there is healing in their leaves and food abundant in their fruit (vs. 12)!

And God started all of it with a tiny trickle from His Throne, flowing through this Eastern Gate…!

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